“Experts” was founded in 1989 by Dime Mateski, primarily intended to service and assist the factories and industries. Mr. Dime Mateski was an experienced engineer, who’s started as a young teacher of mechanical science in early 1970’s, than continued in several Yugoslavian factories, and finally got representation of former INA industrial oils.

The years spent as a sales engineer, visiting factories and talking with the maintenance staff, has learned Mateski to identify the main problem of the maintenance personnel: lack of information, having no time for expanded skills studies, having no technical support, leading to prolonged defects and failures.

This experience inspired Mateski in 1989 to form a small company for service and assistance which will engage experts for technical support and assistance.

Primarily founded as “Expert”, since there was only Mateski as a specialist, in 1992 the company grew into “Experts”, when more educated specialist were employed.

In 2011 his daughter Emilija Mateska replaced her father as a general manager and continued the same vision.

Today “Experts” counts 14 employees specialized for different kind of services in the compressed air technology, and keeps growing every day