Experts’ engineering department includes:

  • Engineering and development of the projects,
  • Technical and economic elaborates for compressed air exploitation
  • Measuring of compressed air consumption, electric energy savings and loss-elimination, leakage points, compressor efficiency
  • “ Turn-key ” project for which purpose our project engineer has a A Licence for execution.
  • Specialized service department
  • Education and trainee
  • Assembly of customized pneumatic devices and modules

With the results achieved by the vast experience through the years, Experts meets the strictest criteria for complete, efficient, superior  and economical working, from finding adequate technological solutions to equipping, including installation, after-sale service and maintenance.

Experts solutions and assemblies:

– compressor stations;

– air treatment equipment;

– compressed air installations;

– compressed air preparation groups;

– pneumatic systems for machine automation;

– pneumatic control, connection and distribution systems.